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Omeka Launch

October 22, 2013

Today, I officially launched phase one of this project: the Omeka archive (constellation) of texts, hosted by the University of Connecticut Scholars’ Collaborative. I’m excited especially to announce this during Open Access Week, since I want all of this project to eventually be online, open-access–it is, after all, intended for others.

So what else do I want to pursue with this project? The short answer is quite a lot. The long answer I’ll give as a list with explanations (in no particular order):

Exploring peer review options and seeking peer reviewers (formal and informal) to give feedback and to help improve the project as it progresses

Text mining the corpus that I’ve compiled, which I’ve already started in the R programming language (probably the most viable next step)

Mapping the texts as they circulated in manuscripts across time and geography in Anglo-Saxon England (I’m currently playing with Neatline in Omeka)

Tagging the entire corpus of texts in XML/TEI, for long-term posterity as standardized, edited versions

Translating the longer texts–the Old English poem Judith, Ælfric’s Old English sermon De Judith, and Hrabanus Maurus’ Commentarius in Iudith–for addition to the Omeka site

Editing Hrabanus Maurus’ Commentarius in Iudith in an XML/TEI-marked up version for sustained presentation online

Creating interactive, user-based tools for exploration and analysis (corpus search, etc.)

I expect that some of these could take quite a bit of time, so I’ll be busy with this project for the next several years. In the meantime, enjoy the archive, and feel free to contact me if you have any feedback.


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